23 February 2014

Tipsy Tales (Polish Picks) - 23 February 2014 - KB Shimmer, Nails Inc & Rainbow Honey

Yet again, I missed a week of my polish picks. But, fear not! I’m going to include them with this week’s picks. It’s been an interesting two weeks for me because I’ve been gravitating toward pinks. I rarely like pink polish, and I’m especially not fond of light pinks. Well, throw that out the window! J Let’s just jump into the fun part…the pictures! J

Imagine a land far, far away…a whole two weeks ago. My first nail choice was KB Shimmer’s Rollin’ With the Chromies.” I adore this polish! For more about KB Shimmer, I have an entire post devoted to them here. It’s not only holographic, but also a duo-chrome – two of my favorite things! J I just wore three coats of the polish over bare nails. Still photos can’t really do the color justice. It is predominately a dusty purple, but it flashes virtually every color under the sun! Absolutely love this shade, and I really love supporting indie companies as well, so double win on that one! J

My craving for beautiful pale pink nails began at this point. I chose the shade “Charing Cross Road” from Nails Inc. This came in a set that seems to have been phased out on Sephora because I found it for about $5 for 3 itty bitty baby polishes. They’re all gorgeous, so I was thrilled! Anyway, this was the exact shade of pink I was after. It’s such a perfect baby soft pastel pink crème. I used three coats and was really happy with the results. It wasn’t too sheer, nor too streaky. It’s just a beautiful shade that I hope is still available somewhere.

For Valentine’s Day, I thought I would add something a bit more festive, even though I usually can’t stand all the Valentine’s Day nonsense of hearts and glitter everywhere. I pulled out a really old – and really fussy – polish that I was going to throw away a while ago, but then realized I’m not quite sure how one properly disposes of nail polish. Anyway, it from Nicole by OPI (no longer cruelty-free as far as I know – I believe OPI sells in China) and I want to say it was from a Justin Beiber Collection. Yea, you read that right! J That’s not why I bought it, I just thought it was unusual. Anyway, it’s called “Love Your Life” and it’s a clear topper with small silver glitter and shiny pink hearts! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, no? J I just used it as an accent nail partly because it is so difficult to even get the hearts out of the bottle, let alone on the nail, but also because more would definitely be overkill! J I really liked these polishes together because the pink hearts were very similar to the Nails Inc shade from above, which made it subtle but still added something. So anyway, that’s enough on that one! J

Still not done with my pink craving, I grabbed a brand new polish from Rainbow Honey called “Be Mine.” This polish is a slightly deeper, rosy pink with gold glitter throughout. The glitter bits are quite subtle, but add a really pretty touch. I really wanted to love this polish, but I found it to be one of those shades that are prettier in the bottle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a stunning shade, I just expected the gold bits to be more visible. Regardless, it’s a beautiful polish and I love it nonetheless! J Has anyone else noticed that there are few polishes that I don’t love?! J

Finally, we have another KB Shimmer polish. I went with “You Autumn Know” because it just looks so pretty in the bottle! I like this polish because it reminds me both of Fall and Spring! It’s a white base with multi-sized glitters in orange, yellow, and a purpley-fuchsia. You don’t see the bar glitters too well on the nail, but I kind of like that – I think they might be distracting. Plus, bar glitters tend to be difficult to wear. Anyway, this is a really pretty polish and I’m so happy I chose it! J

That’s it for this week in nails! Sorry it’s so long…and I’m so long-winded! J Hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by!!! J


  1. I like all of these! The glitter heart topper is interesting...I like that type of topper in the bottle but have never actually bought one because I hate fishing for the glitters!!

    1. I love the little hearts too, but they're SUCH a nightmare to get on your nails. I must have spent an hour trying to just get them out of the bottle - Nicole bottles have a weird angle near the top too, which didn't help. It was kinda fun to be festive on Valentine's Day for once, but definitely not worth all the trouble ordinarily! :)



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