16 October 2014

All Too Aware - My Breast Cancer Story

I’m not really one for awareness months, but in case the onslaught of pink everything hasn’t already tipped you off, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If I’m going to be entirely honest with you, I never know which month is devoted to breast cancer until I start seeing everyone and their brother talking about it. I think we’re aware. I’m not writing this to remind you that we need to be aware of breast cancer. What use is that really? I’m writing this to tell you my own story…again. If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years (yup, it’s that old), you already know my story (my prior post can be found here). Don’t worry, I’m not offended if you don’t read further (though please at least skip to the very end). Even I don’t really care about my story. Wow. How’s that to get you to read more? J

14 October 2014

Small Changes, But Big Difference?!?! - Brow Waxing & Me

I am terrible at maintaining my eyebrows. I don’t have a uni-brow or a mono-brow or whatever you’d like to call it. My brows are not thick, full or horribly unruly. In fact, I have what most would probably consider horrible brows just in that they are quite thin and very sparse. Despite that, I do like to get them waxed. Nothing drastic, but just to clean up the random hairs here and there and have the super long bits trimmed. They are so much easier to fill in when they’re well groomed. My plan for this post was to show you what a difference having your brows waxed can make, but after looking at my before and after pictures, I can’t say that I see much difference from afar. So, what am I left with to ramble on about today?

03 October 2014

Kale? In a Base Coat? - Meet Nails Inc's New NailKale Superfood Base Coat

Recently a new line of polish from Nails Inc popped up at Sephora. It’s called NailKale and is infused with a rather unusual, but intriguing ingredient – Kale! J The range has colored polishes as well as the NailKale Superfood Base Coat, which is what I am going to review today.

30 September 2014

September Favorites - Butter London, Charlotte Tilbury, Lipstick Queen, Pacifica, Mineral Fusion, IT Cosmetics & MORE!

I never know how to start these posts…and I never know how to wrap them up. Having said that, September has been one of those months that both drug by and flew by super fast. I don’t know how that works, but it is what it is. I feel like I don’t have a ton of favorites this month, but there are some definite standouts that I want to share.

25 September 2014

Ipsy's Street Style for September 2014

Get excited. It’s Ipsy time again! J The last few months have been a bit lackluster, so hopefully they’ve upped the ante this month. Just starting out, I kinda like the bag for a change! It’s a really soft faux leather in a gunmetal-y silver with some pyramid studs gracing the top. It doesn’t smell funny (new concept for Ipsy!) and it’s a decent size. So, first impressions based solely on the bag are good! But can the contents inside deliver? We’re gonna find out!!! J

23 September 2014

A Dozen Ways to Nail It - Polish Picks for Fall 2014

Since Fall has officially arrived, I thought it only appropriate to share my favorite nail polish shades for Autumn 2014! After about a month (literally) of debating – I’m very indecisive – I managed to narrow it down to twelve shades. So we’ve got a nice even dozen to get through. I tortured my nails by painting and removing each shade in one day. I take my polish picks that seriously! J My nails are still feeling the pain. J I tried to pick colors that I haven't included in prior seasonal polish picks. I have also only chosen shades that are currently available to purchase because there’s nothing worse than seeing the perfect nail color, only to discover that you can’t find it anywhere. But that’s enough rambling, let’s just get into the pretty colors, shall we?!

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