10 February 2016

A New Superhero? IT Cosmetics' New Superhero Mascara

It Cosmetics released a new mascara and since I’m a sucker for mascara, I had to give a try! It is called the Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara and comes with quite the claims. “96% said lashes look stretched,” “96% saw dramatic volume & length,” “96% saw plumper looking lashes,” and “100% saw a fuller lash line.” As with most IT products, it’s also loaded with good for you ingredients – peptides, proteins, biotin, collagen and “lash-lifting polymers.” It is also paraben free, Opthamologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers. Thank you for the interesting claims, but we just want to know how does it really perform? J Well, let’s go through the basics and see if we agree with these superhero-worthy claims!

08 February 2016

#ManiMonday - Nuance's "Lush Lavender"

Happy #ManiMonday everyone!!! Somehow I managed to find just the shade I was after this week – a shade I didn’t even realize I owned. In fact, I kept debating buying it every time I went to CVS but never pulled the trigger. Good thing since I already had it! It is from Nuance and it is the shade “Lush Lavender.” I only have a couple polishes from Nuance, which is Salma Hayek’s line exclusive to CVS, and this is the first pastel shade I’ve tried. It applied so well! It is a soft lavender shade that is the kind of color that often ends up a streaky mess. Not so for “Lush Lavender!” Even with one coat this polish looked pretty good. I needed a second for completely even coverage, but it was anything but streaky! So, so happy with the formula and the shade on this one! Absolute perfection and exactly the color I envisioned in my head! J

Briefly on the personal side, my family finally celebrated Christmas this past weekend…well, it might be more like celebrating gift giving, but you get the idea. It was actually kind of nice to delay it so long because no one remembered what gifts they had purchased! J We had to delay everything due to unexpected personal stuff but everything is on the upswing for the moment. It was really nice to just hang around and relax with my family for a while. Barclay (my dog) had a blast because he absolutely loves unwrapping presents. He doesn’t care who they’re for. Only problem with that is he gets upset when too much time passes without a present that’s his! I think he was pleased this year though. J As for my cats, they don’t really get the whole thing. They are cats after all. However, this year they got a Snacky Snowman, which is just a little treat dispenser wobble toy and it was a huge hit! I made the mistake of filling it pretty full, and Emerson managed to get all the treats out, eat them and promptly throw them up. Lovely times! J It was a great weekend, but now the week must go on. With that, I wish you all a fantastic week and I should have another post up on Wednesday! As always, thanks for stopping by! J

05 February 2016

New at the Drugstore: Milani Spring Releases for 2016 - Cruelty Free!

Today we’re going to take a look at the new Spring releases from Milani. As I mentioned, Spring is in the air in the makeup world and companies are releasing tons of new products! Milani is no exception and has the product I’m most looking forward to testing out – an affordable foundation!!! Let’s take a look at all their new offerings! J

03 February 2016

Farewell Miserable January! - January Beauty Favorites 2016

Ugh! It’s January! Well…I’m looking back at my January Favorites. Tell me, does anyone look forward to January? My birthday is during that bitter cold misery stricken month and even I don’t look forward to it! J Dark, dreary, bone-chilling weather aside, it was still a rather odd month for personal reasons, but on the beauty front it wasn’t so bad! J Let’s take a trip down memory lane at the stand-out products in my rotation during January and look forward to Spring…it’s coming relatively soon, right? Please!!! J Right. Back to the topic! January Favorites….

01 February 2016

#ManiMonday - Wet n Wild in Air Apparent - ANOTHER 1 Step Wonder Gel!

Happy #ManiMonday and Happy February!!! I don't know about you but I am so glad January is over and I'm hoping for a better Feb. So to help start the month with a breath of fresh air, I went with Wet n Wild's 1 Step Wonder Gel in "Air Apparent." Ok, I actually just really love this color...and obviously the formula...and wanted a nice hint of baby blue on my nails, but that sounded better. :) "Air Apparent" is just a very white-based baby blue, or maybe sky blue. I absolutely love it! And the formula covers perfectly in 2 coats. A rarity with such a light shade! I managed to trap a piece of lint or something on my pointer finger while painting and my nails and cuticles are a mess, so please ignore that. The polish is still gorgeous. "Air Apparent" is definitely one of my current favorite shades!


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