05 May 2015

Being a Vegetarian - It's Easier Than You Think!

Today I thought I’d do something a bit different and discuss being a vegetarian. I don’t tend to discuss food on the blog at all, but it is something that is near and dear to my heart…well, not so much food as not eating meat. If you do choose to eat meat, I’m not at all offended and would never try to convert anyone to vegetarianism. That being said, I thought I would just discuss some of my reasons, tips and tricks, and maybe a few favorites. And please bear in mind that I am not a dietician, physician, or any other kind of trained professional; I have just been a vegetarian for years and thought I’d share some of what I’ve found during that time.

Taco Salad

30 April 2015

April Favorites 2015 - ColourPop, Nails Inc, Cover FX, RMS Beauty & more!

Another month has come and gone, which means we’re one step closer to Summer!!! There’s something about the rapidly approaching Summer that is always exciting to me. But, first we need to fully experience Spring. J This month has brought some absolutely spectacular favorites…and potential holy grail status items! With something like that to look forward to, let’s not f-around with this chit chat and get on with the wonder products. J

28 April 2015

Fun in the Kitchen?! - Fixing a Dry & Flaky Scalp

I can’t say that I recall always having a dry and itchy scalp, but the past year or two I have found it to be quite the nuisance. Naturally I also battle with the flakes now and then as well. No matter what dandruff shampoos I tried – and the cruelty free varieties seem few and far between – the problem still persisted. Especially the itchiness…until the day I raided the cupboard and tried a totally natural alternative. My secret cure? Nothing more than a bit of Olive Oil! Yup. That’s it. Straight ole fashioned olive oil. Nothing fancy, nor pricey or difficult to find. Just good old oil on the scalp!

24 April 2015

Zoya's Earth Day Exchange - Some of my Favorite Polish Picks

It's that glorious time of year again...Zoya's Earth Day Exchange is here! If you're unfamiliar with this annual event, it's basically a chance to buy Zoya Nail Polishes for 1/2 price and free shipping! The idea is to exchange your old nasty-filled polishes that Zoya will dispose of properly, and in return you receive the same number of Zoya shades of your choosing. The returning step is actually not required. You are encouraged to donate polishes to a local cause, or you can just skip out entirely without penalty. All you really need to do is add a minimum of 6 Zoya polishes to your cart and enter the code "EARTHLUV" for 50% off each polish! (Check out Zoya's blog here for full details.) The promo is currently running and will end at 11:59PM on Tuesday, April 28th. This is probably one of my favorite Zoya promos and I look forward to it every year. In honor of the event, I thought I would share some of my all-time favorite Zoya shades to help with your inspiration.

1) Ali - This is the brightest neon pink that I absolutely love in the summer. I grab for it year after year!

2) Wednesday - Gorgeous dusty turquoise creme. Absolutely love!

3) Perrie - Beautiful lavender creme that I think would flatter everyone. So pretty!

4) Gemma - This is one of those kind of ugly shades that is actually beautiful on the nails...and so mesmerizing as well! It's an almost olive green with a beautiful duo chrome of blueish, pinkish purple. Stunning!

5) Blu - This is kind of a white-based baby blue. Perfect and so on-trend right now. Another fav!

6) Lo - This is another great summer staple. It's a pinky-coral creme that screams summer without literally screaming off your nails (unlike Ali).

7) Heidi - Everyone needs a summer orange and Heidi has just enough coral to keep it flattering.

8) Giovanna - The perfect metallic emerald green. This is superb in the fall and around Christmas time. One of my favorites in the cooler months.

9) Sooki - This is the absolute perfect cherry red. A year-round favorite!

10) Jacqueline - I would call this kind of a bone white bordering on cream. A great neutral year-round, but particularly pretty in the spring and summer. It's not as stark as white so it's a bit more flattering.

I hope this gives you an idea or two while browsing the Zoya site, and happy shopping!!! :)

21 April 2015

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops - Believe the Hype?

I wanted to discuss the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops today since they are available at Sephora and I’m guessing you may want to give them a go during the VIB sale, which ends today. I’m not going to lie. I haven’t been using this new innovation in coverage too long (they are not the first to do this; Ardency Inn has a similar product), but I feel that it has been long enough (a few weeks) that I can give you a good solid opinion of it! So, without further ado, let’s drop some dirt on the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

16 April 2015

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations 2015

That glorious time of year has arrived! That's right, it's time for the Spring Sephora VIB Sale!!! From now (April 16th) through April 21st, VIB and VIB Rouge members receive 15% off all purchases made with the appropriate code (should have been mailed by now - for Rouge members, it is "ROUGELOVE"). If you are a BI member, you will receive 10% off beginning Friday, April 17th. One of my favorite things about these sales from Sephora is that you can use the code as many times as you like - both online and in store. It's fantastic because I don't feel the pressure to remember everything at once, and I don't kick myself if I hear about something amazing the next day. Since there are plenty of cruelty free items from brands that I love available at Sephora, I thought I would share my Top 10 Recommendations with you today.

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