31 August 2015

Happy #ManiMonday - Pepperminty from Ciaté

Happy Mani Monday! For this week’s nail color, we have “Pepperminty” from Ciaté. I saw Kelly from The Vegan Taff wearing this a few weeks ago and was reminded how beautiful it is! I always love minty shades and this one is just a nice, pigmented blue-leaning pistachio crème. It kind of reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, though I couldn't say why. J It’s probably one of, if not my favorite mints.

The formula is great! It’s a smidge streaky in one coat, but perfect with two. I also really love the brush and the handle on Ciaté polishes. The “handle” is quite long and skinny which seems to give me a lot more control. I’m a messy nail painter, but with the Ciaté polishes I don’t have much trouble painting only my actual nail! J Gorgeous, gorgeous shade. Definitely check out “Pepperminty” if you are looking for a great mint polish!

You can purchase Ciaté polishes for $15 at Nordstrom, as well as mini bottles of select shades (including "Pepperminty") for $8 at Sephora. “Pepperminty” is currently available in a set (which is how I purchased mine) that retails for $25 and also includes full size bottles of “Cupcake Queen” (another fav) and “Cookies and Cream.”

28 August 2015

Pacifica Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil - More Than Just a Pretty Face?

Let me start by saying that I really love Pacifica. They are an entirely vegan company and have some fantastic products. However, today’s review is not for one of my favorites. Recently Pacifica added a pretty extensive skin care range at Ulta. The mask selection is seriously impressive and there is a sampler pack that I’m currently working my way through and enjoying. The masks seem really good so far! Unfortunately, the Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil is a different story.

26 August 2015

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pad - A Love-Hate Relationship!

Today we’re going to talk about a skincare product that I wish I didn’t seem to need. Try as I might, every time I stop using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, my face starts breaking out. I keep telling myself that something else must be keeping the red bumpies at bay, but nope. Without these marvelous acid-soaked little pads, those pesky clogged bumps rear their ugly red heads. So, why do I wish I didn’t need them and how is it that they’re keeping acne under wraps? Keep on reading and I’ll try to explain! J

24 August 2015

#ManiMonday - China Glaze Point Me To The Party & Zoya Snow White

I was feeling festive today and chose a really fun glitter for my nails. It is "Point Me to the Party" from the China Glaze Electric Nights Collection and it couldn't be more fun! It is a not-quite-pink sheer polish chocked full of multi-colored and multi-sized neon hexagonal glitter bits. I love this! I painted it over 3 coats of a standard white polish (Zoya's "Snow White") to really help the neon fun stand out. My nails may be 10 times thicker due to all the polish coats, but they're screaming fun! Absolutely adore this polish combo and it's a nice way to savor the last days of Summer...and an especially nice pick me up on a Monday!

21 August 2015

Liquid Lipsticks - Tips To Avoid Dry Crinkled Raisin Lips

If you haven’t noticed, liquid lipsticks are huge these days. Everyone and their sister seems to be making their own take on the uncomfortable old classic. Being the curious type and wanting to test out some myself, I was definitely among the obsessed throngs breaking the ColourPop website the day theirs released. Before I get much further, let me say that this is not a review of any specific liquid lipstick, but more a way I dealt with a common issue – exaggerated lip lines. I’m still on the fence with the comfort and fuss required with practically all liquid lipsticks, but I have discovered a way to deal with some of the superficial dilemmas I encounter with these types of products. So, let’s get back to my story and the subsequent tip….

19 August 2015

Lotion that Sprays?! - Kiss My Face Air Kiss Light Moisturizing Lotion - Fad or Fab?

I keep seeing spray lotions popping up all over and it’s definitely peaked my interest. I have no issue with standard lotions, body butters or even body oils so I’m not sure why I care, but it’s a shiny new object, right? J I stumbled across the Air Kiss Light Moisturizing Lotion from Kiss My Face the other day and instantly added it to my basket since it’s the first cruelty free option I’ve seen. Having tried it out, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Keep in mind that this is the only spray lotion I have ever tried so I have no basis for comparison.

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