12 February 2015

Confessing My Love...For frank.

I have a confession to make. I am in love. I just can’t keep it a secret any longer. My love? Well it’s a bit unconventional. His name is frank and, well…he’s a coffee scrub. That’s right. I’m in love with frank Coconut Coffee Body Scrub! I had heard a few people mention frank here and there and finally decided I should give him a try too and, well, I’m hooked! frank is just the most amazing, body smoothing, healthy-glow giving thing that I have ever found! The gushing has only just begun, so let’s count the ways that I love frank. J

10 February 2015

The Verdict - Hourglass Modernist Eye Shadow Palette in Monochrome

If you remember my post near the end of January called Trial & Error, I mentioned I have been testing out the new Hourglass Modernist Eye Shadow Palette in Monochrome. Well, I think I’ve come to a conclusion about the palette, though I am still a bit torn. There seem to be a number of mixed reviews on these palettes and I can totally see why. For one thing, I think everyone wants to love these. They are gorgeous to look at and they’re from Hourglass. They make fantastic products, so why wouldn’t these palettes be as well? J Well, let’s look beyond the pretty shiny packaging and spectacular 3D rippled powders and talk about the reality of the palette!

03 February 2015

January Favorites for 2015!!! Sibu, frank, Daniel Sandler, Deep Steep, Hourglass, Barielle, Deborah Lippmann Urban Decay

Wow. The first month of 2015 is over! I have a love/hate relationship with January since it really is quite a miserable month, but it also includes my birthday…a day which I increasingly dread as the years fly by! J This month has been full of, well just eventful stuff. Now that it’s over, it is time for another monthly favorites!!! J I have some new near-addictions, as well as a total dud. Have a seat, grab a drink and I hope you enjoy this first of 2015’s Favorites!!!

29 January 2015

Trial & Error: January Cruelty Free Product Testing

I thought I’d do something rather different today and just share with you some of the items that I’ve been trying out, but have yet to form a definite opinion on. There have been so many new releases coming out and some I’ve been so excited to test that, well, I am! J There is so much that I want to try that I almost feel like I’m playing catch up! There are a few things that I have definite opinions on already and I am trying to get them reviewed as well as include them in my January Favorites…hopefully that will happen next week. I also want to apologize for my lack of posts and briefly touch on why. So, let’s take a peek around my testing laboratory, shall we? J

15 January 2015

Best of 2014 - Lips & Tips (Lots of Pics!) - Lipstick Queen, Bite Beauty, Butter London, Burt's Bees & MORE

For better or worse, we have reached the end of the Best of 2014. Today we are focusing on Lips & Tips (aka Nails). This is probably my favorite, but most challenging category because I switch my lip and nail colors almost constantly. Having said that, these colors may not have been worn a ton, but they definitely had more frequent repeats than others. And I should also note that I’m focusing more on the color than the formula in this post. However, if I don’t like a formula, I’m not likely to wear the color very often either so these all have at worst, a decent formula. Enough of the chit chat, I bring you the Best of Lips & Tips for 2014!

13 January 2015

Best of 2014 - Makeup for Eyes w/ Too Faced, Ardency Inn, Charlotte Tilbury, Butter London, NARS, Hourglass, Urban Decay & Milani

Continuing on with The Best of 2014, today I am going to focus solely on Eye Makeup so as to not end up with a 40 page post. I’m not necessarily focusing on specific shades, but if there is a shade that I always gravitate towards, I will note it. Though for some tasks I usually grab the same product over and over again, some I tend to switch up a lot – like eye shadow. Given that, any eye shadow mentions may not have been worn a ton, but the formula or the color really struck my fancy in 2014. Let’s get into it and reveal The Best of 2014 – Eye Makeup! J

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